Just sew – ok, but why?

Why Sew?

June 13th 2019



Don’t learn how to sew, just sew.

In my battle to prolong the life of clothes I stumbled across the art of sewing and found it amazingly meditative. So, when I say sewing I really mean repairing. What is great about repairs is that al the hard parts of making a garment are done, the repair is a minor effort for a majorly impressive result. I like to make my repairs visible a bit like the Kintsugi technique for porcelain.

After having worked at my technique and found the best way to fix each different problem, I want to share this with you. So please bring your broken clothes to our workshop at Yuman and I can either do the work for you or share my learning so that you in turn can have fun with it. When I do the repairs, i do show the scars as I believe that is what makes a piece unique.

If you have nothing to repair but all this tinkering with professional machine has spiked your curiosity, bring in an old shirt and we have prepared beautiful cuffs that you will be able to attach and thus breath new life into a garment you no longer wear. After working for about an hour, having cut with professional scissors, sewn by hand and machine, learnt to change a button, your shirt will have transformed into a true fashion statement. Moreover it will be YOUR work of art that I promise, you will be proud to wear.

Looking forward to sharing techniques and gossip around the sewing table.