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Clothes remain, people


p o o l is a concept that originated in my head in 2015. I was researching for Rank A Brand wanted to start a company with the “simple” goal of transforming consumer habits and thus creating a more sustainable fashion industry. So I started by offering a second life to post consumer clothes.
I wondered why I myself did not buy second hand clothes and thus created a space, laid out the clothes and removed useless information so that the shopping experience is close to that of newly produced items. Driven by the strong belief that one mans trash another mans treasure. Clothes remain people change, our lives, our size, our desires change over time, our clothes however do not. I like to different pieces that represent who I am today, but I strongly believe that clothes need not be newly produced, they just need to be “new to you”.
In the second hand industry I found that both consumers and business relied heavily on the brands of the pieces that are sold. I believe this takes away from the intrinsic value of the piece of clothing but also from our capacity to know what we ourselves like or how we really feel when putting on a certain shirt. So I simply remove the tags. At pool you will not find a ‘good deal’ a cheap branded dress, you will find correctly priced items of clothing that you like or not for your own reasons and not some fed values created through great marketing.
I created p o o l as a space for creation and thinking about new ways to protect our own habitat, let’s say I have only just begun!


Want to find unique pieces of clothing or just looking for a different way to shop for something that is « new to you », find my favourite pre-loved clothes sales here.


Reshape, repair and then rewear clothes that you love but that live at the bottom of your wardrobe because of a tear, a missing button, loose hem, 80s shoulder pads…

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