17 mai 2019



What do we mean by ReShape?

Experiencing a great amount of fun while repairing clothes for p o o l lead to the repair workshops I now offer. I wanted to share the fun and satisfaction of doing something yourself with you.

The Repair workshops have had great success but some of our repairsters wanted to do more and did not have any further clothes to work on. Thus the idea of offering an opportunity to work on other pieces of clothing.

So Reshape was born. We have found a way to easily transform a shirt from a drab piece of everyday workwear to an exciting and unique garment that you can be proud of having sewn yourself.

Simply choose the fabric you like, the buttons and we will professionally help you assemble them. Your choice, your work, your creation.

My promise is that you will leave the workshop with an amazing original shirt and as a bonus elevate your self esteem because you did it yourself.

Come and try!

Two current available dates: a lunch sessions on Tuesday 4th of June (12:30) and an afternoon session on Thursday 6th of June (17:30).