Reshape, repair and then rewear the clothes that you love but live at the bottom of your wardrobe because of a tear, a missing button, loose hem, 80s shoulder pads…

Repair –

Fix your clothes

Bring us your broken clothes whenever the workshop is open and we will help you mend them.

Find out when on the calendar or click below.

Reshape – Change your cuffs

Rework one of your favoutrite shirts with our selection of printed cuffs.

At your house with your friends.

Workshop – Repair your clothes

Learn how to creatively repair rips, sew buttons and cover stains through visible or hidden mends.

Whenever it suits you.


With p o o l I wanted to create a company that finds different ways to modify consumer habits, starting with the fashion industry. Strong believer that we have produced enough clothes for several generations, I thought I would start by offering clothes the opportunity to find new people.
Pushing the concept further than just offering second hand, I wanted to people to connect with what they really liked, so I remove tags so as to enable individuals to steer clear of what great marketing has made us believe we want.

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